Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry also referred to as sedation dentistry, conscious sedation, or twilight sedation, allows you to have your dental treatments under the influence of a sedative drug.

What are the benefits of sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry has become a popular option because of the many benefits it brings.

  • It can help alleviate anxiety and make you feel more relaxed and at ease.
  • It can help control gag reflex.
  • It can result in fewer appointments, as more work can be carried out in a visit.
  • For some, it is the leg up they need to push through with carrying out vital dental work, whether it’s a routine check-up or more complicated procedures such as wisdom teeth removal or root canal treatment.
obstructive sleep apnoea

How does it work?

While the name suggests that patients are “asleep” or unconscious, this is usually not the case. Some forms of sleep dentistry simply put patients in a sleep-like state, so that they are conscious and able to respond but will most likely not remember much about the procedure once the sedative has worn off.

There are varying types and degrees of dental sedation. Our dentist will confirm your suitability for sleep dentistry and will recommend an appropriate technique depending on your dental anxiety and the treatment you require. Contact us for more information.

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