Whether you have just moved to a new suburb, your trusted dentist has moved or retired or you are simply looking for a new dentist to look after your oral health, it’s inevitable that you may need to hunt around for a local dentist at some point in time. Dental health plays a big role in our overall wellbeing so it’s important to find a dental clinic you trust and feel comfortable visiting on a regular basis. At Elysian Dental, we are a new Armadale dental clinic home to a passionate and friendly team of oral health professionals. If you are looking for the best local dentist, here’s our guide to help you choose the right one for you and your family.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

One of the best ways to find a great local dentist is to simply ask friends and family that live near you who they visit and if they would recommend their service. Unlike online reviews from strangers, friends can give honest insight into their experiences, and you can even ask them more in depth questions about their dentist’s skills, specialties, cleanliness and service.

Check their Reputation

Reputation is everything, and great past customer reviews on websites as well as word-of-mouth recommendations are an indication of an excellent dental clinic. Most modern dental clinics have a website with written testimonials from happy and satisfied clients as well as galleries of before and after images of their case work. A good local dentist will have an abundance of 5 star reviews and glowing testimonials.

Compare Prices

When it comes to dental services, most work isn’t covered by Medicare, so unless you have private health insurance including dental you could be left significantly out of pocket. When looking at local dentists, compare their services and pricing, and request quotes for services you think you may need. The right dental clinic will offer a good balance between affordability and reputation.

Check Their List of Services

Most dentists are familiar with standard procedures like teeth cleaning and fillings, but if you need a more specialised service like cosmetic work, braces or dental implants, make sure to check that a dentist is experienced in the specific treatment you need before making an appointment.

Assess Their Communication and Customer Service Skills

Great dentists not only provide excellent advice and treatment, they are also excellent communicators and honest about your oral health needs. Finding someone whom you trust, who explains the required treatment in simple term, and with whom you feel comfortable, is a sign you have found a great dentist. An added bonus is a dentist who has a passion for what they do, they will be more likely to keep up to date with new developments and technology in training and treatment. 

Start with a Check-Up

Whether you need major dental work done, or if you are looking for a new dentist close to home, it’s a good idea to book in for a standard check-up and consultation first. During this appointment, you’ll be able to get a feel for their bedside manner and practice, as well as the treatments they offer – all of this will help you decide if you want to stick with them or keep looking for another local dentist.

If you are looking for the best Armadale dental clinic, then contact the team at Elysian Dental today. A new dental surgery conveniently located in Armadale Shopping City, we strive to achieve dental service excellence while maximising patient comfort and satisfaction. Conveniently open 6 days a week, and with a team of highly experienced healthcare professionals, contact us today on (08) 6396 2116 or book an appointment online now.